Saturday, March 7, 2009

Perricone Weight Loss Diet

A lot of people are very conscious about their health. Here in the Philippines, my old relatives used to take a lot of vitamins, herbal supplements and a whole lot of capsules just to maintain good health. And even me, even though I am fat, I'm still dreaming of having a body. Hehehehe. But what shall I do to lose wait? Some of you may say that I'm an ambitious man, but it's true. Hehehe.

Then, I saw a book which is published on 2000 that discusses the proper diet we must have. It is entitled The Perricone Weight-Loss Diet which describes how a version of the face-lift diet introduced in previous books can also be helpful in losing weight without losing body tone. New supplement regimens are introduced along with an updated version of the salmon-rich Perricone diet, as well as several new recipes. Wow!

So for those who are looking for the best diet nowadays, this is the best one for you!

Go and enjoy!

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  1. Giving enough nutrition while loosing weight, you should give your body enough nutrition while loosing weight, sacrificing your health may not be the answer in loosing. Choose the safest alternative in loosing weight... other than excercising...


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