Monday, January 12, 2009 | Aso Brain Games Cheats

Games [dot] asobrain [dot] com is a site that offers Java based multiplayer games to everyone. It is the hobby gaming site of the so called "Aso and Friends", offering simple Java games of some of the most popular board games of the moment.

Maybe, you'll be asking me about the CHEATS? Oh, common. Sorry, but I'm still looking for those too. I'll tell you at once when I found those!

* a PC, of course!
* your eyes
* and a clever mind

Who created it? This is done by Sjoerd Bouwman (A.K.A. Aso) and Peer S. Heijnen (A.K.A. The Brain) on a date that I don't really know. LOL! Put together Aso and Brain, and you have AsoBrain. Obvious, isn't it? Hehehe.


For the meantime, why not play the Impossible quiz!? Click here!


  1. i maintain a (b)log of my asobrain games at

  2. Why would you post something about a cheat when there isn't one....lame


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