Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Am I Optimizing My Blog For A Flawless Google?

That is a question you must ask yourself, especially if you are in the field of blogging. "Why should I Optimize my blog for a flawless Google?" Since we all know that Google is not just a mere company, we should be aware that Google is doing everything to make their system perfect. In short, their programmers are brainstorming everyday just to create that so-called "Flawless Google!" Whew! Nobody is perfect but for Google's crews, their system must be perfect or flawless.

In accordance with it, your blog rankings is at risk too. How? As stated before, Google is updating its system regularly, fixing errors, debugging flaws and a whole lot more. Those updates really affect your blog. How?

Maybe at this time, you are posting articles using your targeted keywords, right? Yes, you have the best keywords, but the content of your article is not so relevant to what the people are googling for. That is the main problem you must to put your attention. Google updates includes checking the content of your article whether it is REALLY relevant or just targeting some low-dense keywords. So I tell you, maybe in the coming days, don't be surprised if you will not be on the first page of SERP! Thanks brother Marhgil for that idea.

So, what is the solution? As what have I told you, ARTICLE WRITING is the main concern. Writing quality and relevant posts. I agree with you that writing an article can be a daunting task. I find it that way too. Hehehe. But you must have creativity and a good command of the language in which you are publishing and you should aim to be as professional as possible. Got it!

As far as I know, keeping your articles length between 200 and 600 words will help a lot. But like what I always experience, I have nothing much to say on my blog, so what should I do? The best thing to do is to keep it for another day but always try to keep at least 200 words in each article post, OK? You should broaden some points of the article and explain it in more details so you can easily get more words written for your post to increase the number of words. Hehehe. But don't forget your valuable keywords!

If you ar asking me what to write about, my answer is simple. Any article can be a good content as long as it has benefited the readers in some way or another.

OK, so that's all for now and let's all optimize our blog for a flawless Google! Yahoo! :)

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