Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Am Suffering From Youtube Fever!

For me, I know that this is not normal. I am sick, as in very sick. But the point is, its not affecting my physical condition unlike other illness which makes us physically weak. My emotional condition is still properly arrange.(How was that?) Even my financial status...Oh, not that topic! (Back to what I'm saying...) Those are the reason why I keep asking myself at these days, what is happening to me?

Just like those common illness out there, this thing has its own symptoms. For example, if you are suffering from flu, you may be experiencing things like chilling or being hot in body temperature. Or maybe, if you have colds, you sneeze a lot. But the symptoms of mine are very much different! How and why?

After waking-up, usually at eight o’clock in the morning, I used to do something I’m not doing before. With my still sticky eyelids, I will make my way to my computer in the living room and will turn it on. While the Operating System is loading for almost 6 minutes (Ouch!), I am washing my face with lukewarm water to eradicate those “morning glories.” Hehehe. Now that the OS is fully loaded and functional, it is now the modem’s turn. I will be waiting until the led lights inside becomes four. The first and second light is for the power and the LAN. The third one is showing that ADSL is working.(Am I right?) Next is the most important led light of all, the fourth one which will tell you that you are NOW CONNECTED to the Internet.

But all of those are just the symptoms.

The real issue happens after I opened the browser, and type the precious URL in the URL box. I am now typing…y..o.u…t.u….b….e..[dot]..c….o..m. I a now on the homepage and a sweat bead is flowing down from my forehead. Why? That is because; I know that once again I will spend another 12 hours on the third most-visited-website in the world(the link isn't working). *yawn*

I am now looking for the cure. Yes, I am suffering from YOUTUBE fever.


  1. LOL @ "the link is not working"! Yes i agree that watching Youtube videos is addicting. Good luck.

  2. i have added you to my blog roll, exchange link po. tnx

  3. Ha HA

    very nice post.

    I am also addicted to youtube, dear...


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