Monday, February 9, 2009

Pinoy Big Brother Season 3 on September 2009?

Oh come on! I know you're looking for the latest news about our very own Pinoy Big Brother season 3. Nowadays, a lot of people are asking if there will be a third season of Pinoy Big Brother. Of course I'm not a newscaster, but according to those scattered news I always encounter, it shows that it is true.

Yup, it is true that there will be a third season of Pinoy Big Brother. Wow! My spider sense feels that it will be aired on September 2009.(Hope so!). Also, Big Brother confirmed it to me, personally! Hehehe. Joke!

The truth is that Big Brother is NOW searching for those Pinoys who are willing to be his housemates!

Would you like to join? Here are the audition schedules:

February 27 PDA - Concert Hall 9AM-3PM
March 1 - Batangas
March 6 - Laog
March 8 - Pampanga
April 17 - Bohol
April 19 - Roxas City
April 24 - Butuan City
April 26 - General Santos City
May 8 - Camarines Sur

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